3 Date Makeup tips

In all my years of doing makeup, I never  heard a guy say: "oh, I just love that juicy lip color"..., or "I love it when my woman wears  makeup. "  That's because guys do not like chicks that wear too much paint, of any type.   A  man is naturally attracted to women's  natural beauty.   Men notice a woman's eyes.  Let's show off our eyes by naturally enhancing their shape, and boosting up our lids - a perfect wide-eyed-date makeup look!

 Brighten EYES – use these colors!

  1. Fast and furious ways to brighten your eyes.  First, apply a soft
White Khol Eye Pencil to the lower lash line inner rims (water line), then choose a color in ivory, bone or eggshell to brighten up eyes.  Consider it an automatic eye-lift with no surgery involved!
Choose a color at EYE ON BEAUTY shop  http://www.eyeonbeauty  (shown below) and apply to the eyelid, using your “ring finger.” Splash this color into the inner corner of eyes also.
 see: Golden Ice -  Spun Silk & Precious EYE on BEAUTY  Silky Cream and Shadows

Soft iridescent(s) hues such as these create brightness while camouflaging darkness.
 Don’t forget to highlight with the same color on brow bone.

  1. With a chocolate warm brown pencil create a soft line on the edge of upper lashes extending past outer brow.  Smudge a bit to create softness.  To create dept use soft brown pencil inside crease of lid and smudge gently.  This technique can turn your day look to nighttime fast! (Optional)

  1. Apply Mascara to brighten.  Use this strategy to give lashes some bulk.  Eyelash curlers are a must!  Grab hold of lashes in curler, gently pump lashes 2X 3X times holing for a 10 seconds.  Release lashes and apply 1st coat of Mascara to Tips of lashes only! – This adds length and “WOW” factor.  Apply a 2nd coat starting from the base and pull lashes up and out.  This is the ultimate way to fake the fauxies and brighten the eyes!  See you at the Shop! 

 This article has been copywrited by Terry Ruvo owner and creator of EYE ON BEAUTY Shop – wear your beauty naturally!  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info  All of our makeup is paraben and cruelty free!

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