Sicilian and Spice....


What to know about Italian beauty. Well,  for one thing, Mediterranean  women love to wear rich colors.  Red is most exciting f or Italian women.  Let's take a closer look at some Sicilian red lips.  Sophia Loren looks like she is wearing a  light  Peach Nude on her lips...similar to "Flip Flop" (see below)  EYE On BEAUTY  Shop
FLIP FLOP   In other pics we have seen her in a matte red lip color see  "Main Squeeze"   - this red adds a little spice without being over bearing.  Both colors look beautiful on olive skin,  medium tone women. 

Sicilian women are sweet and spicy.  Warm hearted  and sometimes a little "hot tempered."

A couple of things to remember:  She loves a polished look and loves her spaghetti the way she loves her man.  " A la dente."  She will never bore you, brazen with a lusty laugh!

EYE  LINER is big with Italian women...she may not wear anything else..and I mean, a cat-wing eye and a trench coat!

Her Weight -   a real Italian woman does not worry about her weight.  She will give up sweets or bread before she goes to the gym...she does not like to sweat.
She will find a way to keep her hour-glass- figure.

RED Lips/Red Wine - Red lips maybe a thing of the past for some but not for the Sicilian.  A bold Red lip is always in style.

see below - get your Sicilian Spice today!  MAIN SQUEEZE

Main Squeeze

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