Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Marrying Mariposa!

The reality is....I never "marry" any products.  I never say "I do" to anything or anyone unless I get my facts first.  There is a slew of products out on the market....It's like customer bombardment isle 3!  I am just not into that.   My search goes on for products that green people or wannabees want to get their hands on.  These products you will not see in stores.  I test drive products that are given to me before I recommend them to my readers.  So let me get to the point....there are very few products that I say my "do's to."   I have been married to MARIPOSA  for 6 weeks now, and I can see the life of my skin turning around.   The lovely  people at Mariposa Labs sent me three items to get personal with.   SHADE  Sunscreen  a Quick Drying Spray SPF 15 UVB ,  a  Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 broad spectrum, and a Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF 30.    All three product are making my  can't live without screen list, believe me this is hard to do if you live in my world.   All products are Paraben Free, unscented.     The Quick Drying Spray goes on so light, you don't even know you are wearing a sunscreen.  No nasty SPF smell.    The body lotion is also 30 times more amazing since I can not go in the sun with out a screen that is SPF 30.    It is a thick creamy smooth lotion that goes on matte.  Does not leave a  residue, absorbs immediately.  Drys non-greasy.   Although, the best product that really works for me is the ANTI-AGING FACE CREAM SPF 30 - this is my favorite product for so many reasons.  one,  SPF 30 puts the exclamation point behind any anti-aging cream!   I put the cream all over my nose and around my temples to ease  my very "little" crows feet...yes, everyone has them, especially when you reach your 40's  -  anyway, enough said about that!  UNSCENTED is the way to go, it is soothing and  non-irritating, maybe it is the ORGANIC aloe....!
As you can see, I never say the "M" word - but for now, I will say I am safely "hooking up" with MARIPOSA.... and my skin loves it!

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