Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Steely & Sexy

Rubber Braided Bracelet
Are you wondering about spring fashion.  Like pop-tart colors? Do you  fancy  for something with a rough edge?  Need to update a spring wardrobe?  Easily  done with a necklace or bracelet.   Scrap Metal made into new fashion jewelry tells a unique story.   Buying these sweet heart gems at a local store is not an option. They are made by our staff designer.  We take pleasure in serving clients online...and give the best deals. Don't miss out!!

Sexy Key Chain  Necklace  falls in the right place...20-22' adjustable.  Metal chain.  use as a Key Ring too!
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Unisex items are hot!
Men's  - Rubber Braided Bracelet...can be worn by a women too!   only 5.00  so unique and comfy!

Sexy Key Chain Necklace