Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mommy Pink or Red

Ms Keira
Ms Candace
Pink or Red you be the judge.  Hollywood is ageless...shouldn't you  be.  Lip color builds confidence even if it is a pale shade of pink or a lovely hue of nude, do a face justice. Check out the lip treats here....Mom's or not - here they come!  

Lip Color Pink-Nude   MERCY LIP CREAM

Blondes look hot in a pink/blue undertone hue.  Pair with a classic eye - lips say:  "I am your evening dessert."
Try this candy color  Fushia pink

Lip Color  Gloss - PASSION FRUIT  Lip Cream Gloss

Are you the mom that likes to heat things up?  Red is sexy and sweet. Get red and stop them in their tracks - focus is all on you Mommy!

Lip Color  Red/orange   MAIN SQUEEZE go SOLAR  hot
Ms Jessica