Monday, April 15, 2013

EYE on ....

WHIPS  & CHAINS collection   Buy a piece of history - tell your story!  You hold the key to your own beauty.  Beauty unzipped without limitations!  Linked together with some stitch - no imitations!  WE are 4 REAL...Like the EYE IN THE SKY - watching and protecting.  Without hesitation, never underestimate the power....LIVE in YOUR BEAUTY!   Our Shop  Beauty Lives Here!
EYE on Beauty - Color Watch

"Naked Truth"
"Snake Eyes"
"Spun Silk"
 Lip Spark:
 Some like it HOT Some like it COLD some like it in the middle - natural is "never" old! "The EYE" sees your beauty.

Beauty at Large!  EYE ON BEAUTY shop