Monday, March 4, 2013

Parabens? ...What?

My Trip to a beauty supply chain store was very interesting indeed.   Not so much about all the merchandise;  Although, finding a knowledgeable sales rep - is an other issue.  I asked a sales rep if she had any " paraben  free  color cosmetics?"  She looked at me as if I had a 3rd eye in the middle of my sculpted brows.  OMG!  She didn't even know how to pronounce the word  "PARABENS"   let alone leading me to the right area of the vast cosmetic counter.   Anyway,  beauty is not just about finding the right color, it's about finding  healthy cosmetics that will have natural rejuvenating effects...color or not...   Not so many Big Brand sellers offer that..and that is why big brands are not doing well when competing against brands that are offering free of "parabens" and preservatives.  There is NO competition out there that can compare with a clean beautiful color cosmetics.  Purchasing these elite products are moving toward a "new" face in beauty. ...and there is no proof that your $128 face cream will make wrinkles disappear - but it is a well -know fact that "Parabens" are a highly toxic preservatives  that may even increase aging to the skin. Your challenge is fining paraben free makeup and giving natural a chance!  Not sure why or how?  EYE ON BEAUTY   - Learn about color and cosmetics that are better for your face and body.
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