Tuesday, March 26, 2013

80's Best Shots

80's Glam Spark Eyes!
The 80's were hard rock'in,  head Bang'in , beauty and fashion.  There is  not another decade like it.  The economy was on the up and up - like Farah's hair  and Brett Micheal's  kicking body.  Those are just some of my greatest memories of the 80's.  My favorite female artist  was Pat Benatar.Like who didn't want to be Pat?  Benatar was a  power house of talent.   Small and petite with huge vocal chops,  bringing  fans to their knees.  Not to mention she became a mighty legend of 80's Rock and fashion.   When people ask - "how do 80's rockers still rock today?"  I just say , because they do what they love.  When you do what you love you never age!  For musicians and artists, creativity flows through their veins.  They live, breathe, and die to get that one last note settled  on their heart-strings.   That is why 80's will live on forever...and so will the makeup and fashion.
Pat Benatar

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Pat and I share some commonalities. 

We are both artists, born in Brooklyn.  Grew up in LI, NY  ...and this is the biggie.
We are both Small Petite!
Like I said, good things come in small packages!