Friday, November 2, 2012

Wear Beauty Naturally!

Holiday Gifs of Lux Beauty under $25.00  Need something special for him or her? Get  your EYE online to the Natural Beauty Boutque...EYE ON BEAUTY!
Put your face on something smooth and natural.  Introducing EYE ON BEAUTY's 3-1 Beauty Tint Moisturizer.  Refresh, Restore, Revitalize.  Would you like a sample?  No problem....Pay only $5.00 Shipping  for the Ultra Moisturizer drink for your skin,,,,and so many delicious beauty items on the menu!

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EYE On Beauty introduces.statement semi-precious jewelry line. All natural  and handmade.  I am happy to offer the semi-precious naturally stated jewelry to my site.  Designs are  leather, suede, Eco-friendly metals, glass and semi-precious stone....these are art pieces statement stone presentations that you will not find ANYWHERE....nicely priced.  All items are under $20.00 and mostly all piece on EYE ON BEAUTY are all under $ can't bet it!  shop here:  EYE ON BEAUTY

peace malachite stone
Check out these new beauties added to the shop list

Malachite Donut stone
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