Friday, October 26, 2012

Men's Purse Spray

Personal, palm size,  perfume roll-on.  Men have every palm size gadget in the universe. ....and now  a palm size aphrodisiac to ignite his senses.   Roll-on can be enjoyed by him and her.  A well-organized aroma scented oil of cinnamon, sage and Jasmine.  non-floral.  "Lure"  provides clarity to the senses for ever mood defining moment...made for the bedroom.  "Lure" is all that and more.

LURE samples

Samles are $5.00  .5ml Blue Bottles

What is hot on Men's Skin

 Believe it or not, men are really getting into the “grooming thing” for their self vanity.  If a guy is paying attention to “skin details,”  this maybe an extra highlight for the women in this area…  I mean after all, men do get more love when their canvas is smooth.    Here are some top grooming items on the "Men’s list."  I call it the “ladies hot list” for Men's grooming.   Giving some consideration to what the “guys like about our skin”…...I don’t think he will refuse you with these! I love BlackBox Skincare for men and women. BlackBox benefits and solutions for all of your skincare needs. Check out the box.  Order BlackBox

  1. soothing facial wash
  2. anti-aging skin moisturizer
  3. hair care
Check out these simple gifts form the men!

All gifts for guys are under $25.00....sterling silver, natural fiber creations.
Guys Celtic Charm