Guess Who's in Fall Beauty?

"Passion Fruit"
Mercy Lip Creme

 Fall 4 Nudes! 

MAC is advertizing their Nude lipsticks...Well, here is EYE ON BEAUTY   Paraben & Cruelty  Free Alternative for $12.00   Get Freebies in with your purchase.  "Mercy"  Pink-nude color is   MACs  hue for  ' "MEHR"    Eye on Beauty's "MERCY" offers creamy deluxe moisture with gorgeous color. 
"Mercy"  will work on almost everyone; Indian, Hispanic, deeper Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern skin tones from light to dark, too. Everyone loves "Mercy"  Eye On Beauty

EYE on Beauty Secrets....Did you know that EOB lip Cremes are cleaner and greener  than many dept store brands.  The reason - is easy...CEO Terry Ruvo has specifically chosen a private label brand for her company....and YOU will never have to pay Name Brand high-ticket prices ever!

and  Berries are fall favorites too! Want some......

Color: "Passion Fruit"  16.00  get Free samples with Purchase
Shop on line: Eye On Beauty

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