Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Skin - It's a Glow!

 BlackBox Ultimate Glow

Want some glow coverage? Using 2 foundations can achieve a smooth and fresh look. As a cosmetic consultant, I have always used two foundations to even out my skin. The question is...what type of glow do you want? A Bronze glow is what you need to  provide a warm look to your skin.  How about organic plant ingredients infused in a bronzer? By definition these creams are light weight and packaged with antioxidants. Although, the "BB Cremes" on the market are high priced items, most have no level of anti-aging properties.   I have finally found a bronzer that provides both benefits. It's called, Bronzed Infusion by BlackBox Cosmetics. Why I rate is as the "most intelligent BB cream? First of all, all cosmetics ship in air-tight canister to preserve the organic ingredients. Dark yet colorful boxes. BlackBox does not market tot he general public because BlackBox is in a different class of cosmetics. They are completely organic. Bronzed Infusion fights free radicals while firming and improving the texture of the skin for a more youthful appearance. There is no need to buy any additional items. Bronzed infusion provides everything you want in a  light weight bronzing creme. Smooth consistency easy to work with  and super skin tighteners!

Bronzed Infusion


Like Infusion AM, Bronzed Infusion fights free radicals while firming and improving the look and texture of your skin for a more youthful appearance. Our artists added just the right touch of color to give you a sun-kissed look. Our bronzing serum is a high content combination of advanced forms of Vitamin C, super anti-oxidants, and skin-tighteners. *(Contains 3 forms of Vitamin C... including the new advanced Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate.)

MSRP: $41.25
Web Discount Price: $32.95