Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beautiful Mind - Body & Soul

We all know that aging is inevitable, but can you beat the clock on your looks?  Can you turn back time on your skin?   Many have asked me these questions, and my answer is always ..Yes!    Believe it or not, I did not start a skincare or beauty regime until I was around 30, so it is never too late!  What I have learned - Aging does not have to be tragic...and it can be graceful.   Here are some steps to get you kicking a beautiful new you, mind, body, and soul to feeling and looking great!

Less is more, highlighting your assets,  following some strict skin rules can make a big difference,  and add years to your life and looks.  Here are some stead-fast tricks that keep me going....



Control your sugar intake - or don't take the sugar.  This includes carbs, they are among  the "dirty dozen" on the food pyramid, white breads, pastas, bagels...
- use honey to sweeten your "sweet" tooth, eat whole grains, 0 fat yogart (organic) or Greek,  to sooth your tummy and High-potency greens,  like spinach, or collards to cleanse your stomach.  Did you know that 2 apples a day are packed with enough  fiber and  to  your appetite. 


Grab some quick easy Nike says: Just Do it!  no excuses, run up and down your staircase, no gym membership needed.  Add some muscle strengthening exercises. Water jugs or canned vegs are great to use as dumbbells and great to eat and drink after!   Arm curls: Do as many reps as you can in 1 minute keeping your form. Then repeat.  Phyical activity releases powerful endomorphisms, these are "happy" chemicals that plunge into the bloodstream.  They benefit the body as well as the mind, and your mood.  Don't forget to hydrate with "Healthy Water  healthy You!"  see link below.


 Use cosmetics that are free of toxins.  When you purchase a  product that is free of pollutants a sense of happiness will appear on your face and free your soul.  Being mindful  and educating your family about product ingredients feels good!  The color "green"  has every thing to do with products that are good  for your internal light to shine forever.  Pick up soft eyeliners pack with anti-aging nutrients,  that will not pull on the sensitive skin around eyes.  Use highlighter in areas of inner corners of eyes, on cheek bones, chin and forehead.     Organic tans or self tanners will hide, dimpling skin and firm up flab. Go to TanOrganic on the side of this article.  Skin foundations should be paraben free, as well as daily skincare.  Go to EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE to see a list of vendors that support the greener way to cosmetic usage.  follow:

Product that are organic are the best to use.  If you can not find organic, go with brands that others have tried.  I always suggest companies that I have worked with and used their products.   It's easy, cost effective, and health wise green expertise!  Please see the links below.