Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lavender Blonde - Gaga 4 Green Tee

Ever  notice that "Green" goes great with lavender.  That is because they are opposite on the color spectrum. Check out the bandana below.  It's not Gaga, but it is green.  Anyone that buys the Gaga 4 "Green" Tee, gets the bandana for Free.  The Green tee is a one-of-a-kind for guy/girl. go here:   to purchase.   I just love lavender green, don't you.....
Ga ga 4 Green Tee

EYE's On Lavender

Ever After Shadow Creme

The color of spring  blondes is Eye on Beauty's "Ever After" Indelible Creme Shadow.  This creme can be use in 2 ways.  As a eye liner, and as a shadow.   The eyes are the "windows to the world" Show them off.  Purple/blue powdery color can be used on all skin tones. Enjoy the light sheen smooth  glide creme. "Ever After"  is long lasting even after the lights go out!  12 hours of color, crease proof, and virtually waterproof.  Love Your Lavender  eyes  - go here to purchase    Free ship!

What's in Your Fuchsia?
I can positively tell you that botanicals are in mine. Go here to get the lip gloss  Not only is this lip gloss organic - Zosimos' Fuchsia is the most radiant hue I have ever tired.  Not to mention that it goes well with Blondes; a radiant redhead, a bold brunette and even a foxy sliver can wear it!  It goes well with complexions that have blue-yellow undertones. It will definitely brighten up gray skin tones. My complexion came alive! It is a fabulous shade  - a must try! A sample at $3.00 ...what a steal! For that price, I had to try all the other shades as well in the same family of berries.  The pigment will stay on all day...and fade into a beautiful stain. Love Zosimos! NMUA go here - Zosimos is the best "Green" cosmetic secret unknown to the cosmetology world...but not for long! I see "Fuchsia" in your Future! Go for this hot color, Runway Top Quality line! Contact me Sarah or Linda to place an order and don't forget to mention eyeongreen for a discount on your order.

Argan Hair Serum  -  The Natural Miracle

Using Mara Kesh Argan oil as a  scalp treatment, is only one select secret it harbors. I use it daily applying the oil to the ends of my hair. It gives my dry ends a luxurious golden shine. It does not leave a residue, and is a good choice for highlighted, over processed  blonde hair.  The oil has rejuvenated my scalp. I have receive new baby hair growth, by routinely using it 1x a week.  It is "The Miracle" oil in every way!
 I  recently have added it to my makeup foundation. A little "golden drop" has diminished my fine lines around my eyes and has softened my complexion and texture. It has healed my skin back to rejuvenated youthfulness. I saw immediate results. Mara Kesh 100% Organic Argan oil  - is the "fountain of  Youth." I beleive that we will be seeing more of this product in a multitude of ways for reclaiming skins beauty.. But don't forget...Mara Kesh Select is 100% Organic.... Superior in my Eyes! Get your samples today and enjoy the gifts the "golden oil" has to offer.  Please go to the link on the right side of this blog to find out more...