Friday, June 29, 2012

Lavender Blonde Hair - Dye safe tips!

Hey Blondie - Chemicals in the mirror are closer than you think!
Every time a woman dyes her hair she subjects herself to and arsenal of chemicals. I can’t seem to help but think of all the fumes that my body has accumulated over the years. I really don’t want to think about parabens and sulfates seeping into my blood stream through my scalp.  The bottom line is - There is no safe way to dye y our hair. Especially, if you are using hair dye at your  salon or doing the job at home.  However, I have devised a plan to put my "head" at ease. As I hope my plan on dying your “gray days” works for you. My first recommendation is to get a hair dye such as “Nutratint” which contains no chemical hazards like sulfates or parabens. If you can’t get your hands on, or should I say, “head” on it, use a tint that washes out in 4-6 weeks. This is important for those who have heavy grays and are constantly dipping the roots into a dark color. 
Here is my 3 step plan for a safe “root” dye job.  
Step 1 (see illustration) First, use the safety gloves.  Part your hair down the middle and apply color near the “edge” of your hairline with out touching your scalp. Use a comb to brush away from the scalp while keeping the dye away from touching the scalp.
Step 2 (see illustration) Continue to section off hair with the comb by parting all the way around the crown.
Step 3 (see illustration) Eventually, you will get to the back of your hair. Use excess dye for the hair the base of your neck and comb through to ends. Again, continue to be diligent without touching the scalp.  
Rinse and style as necessary.  I guess you all know what is on my “wish” list. Better hair dyes that are safe and effective,..because I love “color” but I don’t want the  “chemicals”.
Enjoy the illustrations – can you guess which one is my daughter? Of course you know, just one of my inspirations to write about. Cleaning-up beauty products for a healthy  and “greener” future for her.

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Atmosphere Essentials - has a full-line of hair and essential body care  products.   I  recommend visiting their online shop  and calling my friend Lisa Maire for advice.   They  supply  beauty shops, salons and  spas with  organics that are simply out of this world beautiful.