Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flash'EM Your LASHEM! Product review

Green Mascara Greatness!

photo: LashEm website

 I  finally got my lashes on a green mascara that really works.  Lisa Cocuzza from "It's a Glam Thing" sent me LASHEM.   I have tried many mascara's,  I never came across a mascara that was actually healthy for my lashes until I tried LASHEM.   This amazing mascara has attractive state of the art packaging.   It has a double sided wand for lengthening or thickening lashes.  A 2-step process to step up lashes from subtle to sexy!  Actually,  I was able to triple my lashes size  without fear of clumpy dragon-looking lashes. LASHEM  conditions and  keeps lashes soft after many, many coats!  I noticed that my lashes feel - light - n - fluffy - not heavy -n- mucky.   I  recommend Lashes to LASHEM!  Be kind and Lash-Wise!   Green healthy mascara and sexy fringe benefits!

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Terry Ruvo CEO/Publisher