Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Resource Beauty Guide!

Did you know that a resource for organizing non-toxic beauty vendors is here in Eye on Beauty's webpage directory? This is a separate tab for all Online Natural Beauty lovers to seek brands that have their clients best interests at heart.  Alert! - a  beauty  buyer will not find these brands in retail stores. The "green" vendors as seen in the monthly brochure, EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE, are not big on costly ad campaigns for image, but are far more interested in images that they send to their customers.  The beauty in their image comes from quality and not  quantity of manufactured beauty  - Retail (brands) have only $$$ in their purse, non-existent consumer safety and questionable quality and standard levels. Eye on Beauty is the only online Boutique for all consumers that want non-toxic beauty. EYE on Beauty's products are "Paraben free" cosmetics that provides a central location of green/natural/organic directory of perfumers, natural body care makers, skincare specialists and formulators, only using the best indigence that they can give to beauty buyers. Eye on Beauty is the only online source for safe cosmetic purchasing and advice. see on Eye on Green Magazine, Eye on beauty Tips for more information on beauty with quality and safety in mind.  "All beauty should come from the earth the way God intended." ~ tr   http://www.eyeonbeauty.info