Monday, October 10, 2011


EYE On BEAUTY - online Press Release:
Founder Terry Ruvo of EYE On BEAUTY paraben/cruelty free cosmetics, will soon be launching a premier GREEN MAGAZINE guide. This will be an on-line blog "guide" to assist consumers that want to buy green or natural quality products. Latest research from EYE on BEAUTY indicates, that people are now shopping more wisely than ever before. Terry Ruvo quotes - "The world represents many challenges to stay and live healthier. "I am developing this blog to showcase items/and services that offer a better way to live a "cleaner" life. A world without chemicals would be a good place to start, but we can take the first step to "clean up our act" with the products that we choose or do not choose to buy. With that in mind, I hope that the world will find my online green magazine an easy way of considering better alternatives." EYE on GREEN MAGAZINE will launch before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Keep your EYE on November.
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