Friday, October 7, 2011

Confirmation of LOVE - a short story

This short story was inspired by a dream. Written for EYE On Beauty by Terry Ruvo –Founder/Writer/Executive Creator for Eye on Beauty Brand

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She sat nervously on a long wooden bench. She felt so alone, although guests were arriving. Her makeup was done, but she was not yet dressed. For this is her second marriage. She picked-up her cell phone and contemplated calling her fiancĂ©. Her mom asked, “Why aren’t’ you dressed?” She replied, “Mom, he is not coming.” She rapidly dialed his number. Her mom rushed over to grab the phone out of her hand. “Do not call him; you will ruin it for yourself.” She heard his sweet Hello. “Honey,” she paused wiping her wet face - my parents planned our wedding today without my consent.”

“Yes, I know.” he said with a firm soft voice. Confused she said, “So, you know about this?” “Yup.” he replied playfully. I do, and now you know, I will be there…..”

Her voice faded…and broke into teary laughter… “Yes, I do know.” Confirmation of love was always in her heart. She got dressed.

Love is - Now and Forever.

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