Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Shot of Pure LOVE - "JP" now & forever...

This article is written for EYE on Beauty founder Terry Ruvo - by Samantha Chen - beauty blogger
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Let’s get one thing straight. I do not like perfumes. However, I own every top note of Michael Kors…A “Delicious” apple from DKNY and an “Angel” from Thierry Mugler. I know, this does not make sense. I just have to have it! What I do not have is the scent that sends me to a higher plateau of my perfumery addiction. I guess it is just like finding the right guy. There is a bunch of “bad” apples out there and a lot of sour notes! I haven’t found the perfect “One” yet. I mean, Gisele Bunchen did, and now she is a “Tommy Girl!” She got lucky…But here is hope for me and for others that haven’t found the right one yet. I will let you in on a secret…it is not a perfume, not in the conventional way as the world knows it. I found the perfectly scented perfume oil. My special guy’s name is “JP” light scent of, jasmine, vanilla, smells like “pink” candy lollipops. I finally found him, a fragrance that no one else has…. “JP” is like a “shot” of pure love intoxication.” Organically, with no unidentified modifications! I am forever captured under its spell. “JP” by EST PERFUMES is mine for now…but I will share it with you. The fragrance smells differently on every woman that wears it. That makes a girl feel really special. "JP" the fragrance is so alluring..... sold to brides to celebrate their "new found love" for this organic special scent. Tell Terry - you want a “Shot” of Pure Love - “JP” is the “ONE”

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$5.00 5ml perfect fragrance and beautifully wrapped with love.