Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GET the EYE on Beauty STORY....by Jenny Mac EOB

People want to know – who is EYE on Beauty….The founder is sure to become the next “household” name such as, Cover Girl, Revlon, L’Oreal. …and well, you know all the rest. “This is a Beauty Revolution…not just another door to door makeup rep wanting to sell you cosmetics that are generally like all the rest of the big name brands.” quotes Jenny Mac of EOB Press. EYE on Beauty is taking the industry by storm. As you read further about the founder of Eye on Beauty, and learn about her philosophy, you will see why. Terry Ruvo – has been doing makeup artistry for over 20 years. However, her expertise is not “really” in makeup….it is in the area of “color.” She knows hue, texture, blending and mixing…Oh, my…an artist that can select color that would look best on any given complexion. This is what the beauty industry needs today and has been missing due to struggling sales. A Makeup Artist that knows color theory is by far the next rising star! She is certainly putting a BS in Commercial Design to the test by creating her own looks, brand label, advertising, marketing, promoting, merchandising, strategizing …and wow, there is not too much else I can say about Eye on Beauty….she’s got you covered, with not just foundation! When you get beauty from the artist, you are getting a pretty piece of the “American Beauty” philosophy from the founder herself. Terry’s motto is: Your Face is My Blank Canvas.”A pure white blank canvas, to covet makeup that is paraben and cruelty free. “Paraben and Cruelty Free” is not the best part! I love Eye on Beauty because she is a small company that pays attention to details. These small and simple details will bring “beauty lovers” to their feet...and race to the virtual on-line store for a real beauty treat!

Article written for Eye On Beauty – by Jenny Mac EOB rep

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