Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Grandma's Breast Cancer

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"BREAST CANCER" – there I said it - but I can not feel the anguish of fear that must be inside of the woman that is diagnosed with the disease. Just saying the "word" is not enough. I have been compelled to write an article on my reaction to breast cancer being on the outside of the “Cancer” looking in. However, this article that you are about to read will be a celebration of how far medical therapy has come to treat and save lives. My Grandma would refer to CANCER as the big “C”. Going back 20 years ago, no one wanted to say the word "cancer." Shirley McClain, in “Terms of Endearment” deals with the hardship of finding out her young daughter/and mom, played by Debra Winger was diagnosed with Cancer. The part that I remember in the movie, was when the doctor reveals to the character, that the therapies are not working, please plan accordingly. In both scenarios, cancer was not discussed...the “C” word should not pass thy lips. Debra Wingers’ character comes to terms with her fate and passes away in the movie. Cancer was a fearful death sentence. The disease steals lives and sucks the life out of care givers that are left behind. With that said, my grandmother also lost her battle to Cancer. Breast cancer was the disease she feared most. There was nothing “Hollywood” about my Nana's story.

When I think back, my grandmother was the first woman that alerted me to stay away from PABA's - this is going back 25 years ago.  I didn't heed to her cautions. I was busy soaking up some "sunshine rays" at her home in Florida.  As I closed my eyes and relished in the suns heat, she handed me a bottle of PABA free sunscreen.  I still remember the bottle with big letters on it PABA FREE. I didn't know that these chemicals were toxins that may have attributed to my grandmothers breast cancer.  My grandma was 68 at the time and in remission....Her cancer reoccurred within 2 years. She died at 72.   Of course, I know that PABA's were not the only toxin that contributed to her cancer. There are many other factors.  Genetics and lifestyle are two major ones.

The "naked truth"about cancer is fear. Now fear "is" a thing of the past. The big news on the big“C” - it is not a “death by diagnosis”no longer. First, and most importantly, Early detection is key to surviving the disease. Breast mammograms are imperative to detecting cancer at the earliest stage. Finding cancer at a premature stage gives women options on cancer therapies. Secondly, there are so many cancers and so many comprehensive treatment programs today for women now more than ever. Oncology and science is working for women to find a cure for Breast Cancer. For me, the “C” word stands for many powerful words that I live by today. I now pledge allegiance to the “C” word,… if you will. This is my “Bare Breasted” - “Naked Truth” about Breast Cancer. The “Courage” to schedule and follow-up on annual examines. To “Consistently”and “Continually, take“Care” of your health on a daily basis. A big part of “Controlling” your wellness starts with you. Listen up ladies, it’s time to celebrate. How will you do it? It is in your hands.
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