Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Skinny on & watch video

This article is written for EYE on Beauty by: Terry Ruvo -Owner Makeup Artist/Writer

There is much research that indicates obesity leads to a long journey with cancer (s) However, there is no or little information that states the contrary: Cancer doesn’t take sides. The slender, the fit, the healthy, will also get cancer. There are a percentage of folks that do not fit the profile of a typical cancer patient. They also do not fit the profile for heart disease, diabetes, lymphomas, nor do they have any genetic links in their family history. How do I know this? My father and my sister have been stricken with such of the above. Not to mention many of my friends in there 30’s and 40’s - those have begun new battles with cancers or have begun surviving their cancers. I am a health and beauty addict and can tell you I do everything in my power to prevent cancer in my life. I Do the A’s the B’s and the C’s for prevention. The “C” stands for Cycle or Cleanse. Cancers(s) usually start in the digestive tract. The only way to rid the body of toxins is to cycle and cleanse my internal “infrastructure.” I started ISAGENIX - and the best part is not loosing a couple of pounds…its gratifying to know that I am doing more now to win the race against cancer.

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