Thursday, July 21, 2011

EOB's 3 Step Multi-Tasker Gets The Job Done

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Subway Suitable!

3-Step Multi-Tasker Gets The Job Done

"Multi-task" or Multi-tasking is a buzz word that is used in almost every industry. Looking for a job? Bet your bottom dollar an interested employer will ask "Do you multi-task?" If you say "yes" to be on the road of a Multi-Tasker, and you can prove these high-end abilities, you are one step ahead of the game. Now jump on the Sub - get ahead on the “Beauty Train” with EOB’s 3 –Way Multiple. One real deal “Subway” Steal. Packing the multiple benefits that will give a lift for Eyes, Lips and Face. Comes in two versatile colors, - a sure “fit” for all skin tones. Be the Jack-of-all trades with Eye on Beauty’s 3-Step Multiple! The #1 Cosmetic 3-Step Multi-Tasker that gets the job done and won’t let you down!

Price $20.00 Free Shipping! Paraben & Cruelty Free!


Sunset-Strip 3-way multiple (honey/gold)(see picture)
Enlightened 3-way multiple (light bare/honey)

Sunset Strip/Enlightened 3-way comes with a FREE Natural Wood Beach Necklace! Limited Time only!

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