Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vacation Diet Detours - Tips that Stick for Life!

Article written for EYE on Beauty - Biz, Buzz & Blogs by: Terry Ruvo

On vacation? Who wants to diet? I certainly do not....I mean "I'm on vacation!" no pressures.. more time to relax.. with no cares, no dieting, no worries! Unfortunately,I do worry...about my health. Usually, I take a "diet detour" when I am on vacation. Upon returning from my "tour" so-to-speak...physically, I look "as if"..I wasn't on vacation at all. Returning home with dark circles under my eyes...bags...bigger than I packed.. and a new - improved "bloated me!"
I have been keeping data on this for 2 years.. Through my own personal research, I believe, hydration isn't about jumping into the hotel pool. While having "Fun in the Sun," I would forget to hydrate myself...I mean, why drink water when there are so many other "Fun" beverages to consume on "My Vacation!" My next nutritional disasater would be skipping fruits & veggies..number one BIG mistake! My excuse, would be that there are no fruits and veggies conveniently located at the beach. I mean, the pressure of searching for nutrition on vacation doesn't sound very peaceful to me??? Isn't that why they have "convenient stands?" Before I went to the beach for my family siesta this year, I decided not take any detours or de-value my regular diet. Here is how it went down and how it worked up to a better post- improved vacation outcome. Rule No.1: Water, Water, everywhere for all of us to drink! If I wanted a boardwalk detour, I would reach for my cooler packed with H20 instead. Cool refreshing water for me and my family! Not to mention all the money I saved by not choosing these items at the boardwalk . I actually, had left-over cash and no left-over belly stash! oh,vey who would have thought! I decided to drink water, and "jump ship" on the sugar products. The effect... I felt 100 percent better..with no "bloat" in my belly! Rule No.2 "Carrots, Apples,& salad oh, why?" This time I said "Oh, why Not." I packed a bag of carrots and apples to munch all day long. I avoided "hazardous waste" sites and dumped the chips & dips! The hardest detour was the "Fast-food" freeway. I mean, who can resist tasty french fries and sky-high cheesy nachos?? In the past I would dive into the fried food, turn left for a Cheese Steak, then straight ahead to the Funnel cakes! Yummy! Then I would wonder why my body would feel "used and abused" going north for the ride home. I had to implement the No.3 rule. Stick to garden salads and lean protein on the menu... even when on vacation. Outcome: I left the seaside and kept my body healthy, wealthy and wise...Now, that's the "Tip" that "sticks for life!"