Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sink or Swim? 3 Business For Life.. "Savers!"

Aticle Written by: Terry Ruvo for EYE on Beauty
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This article was written to capture the minds of business owners that are worried to death about there future business. Struggling to keep your business alive? Sink or swim? Drowning in the thoughts of being buried alive and sweating in the pain of losing your shirt? With no relief in sight of a sinking economy, here are three ways to keep you business "afloat" Now,.. I did say "afloat" not "thriving"..merely "surviving"!

1. Coupons or special discounts: Whether you are in the Spa, beauty, apparel, or service driven business, supplying coupons and discounting services will help your business "Weather" the storm of these tough times.
2. Giving not good - but "excellent" Customer Service: Not only does this mean listening to your clients point of view - but genuinely greeting and giving them "service" with a smile today...pays the rewards for business good fortune tomorrow!
3. Staying positive: No matter what the business "climate" is - one must stay positive and "weather" the storm(s). Line up and re-org positive influences in your life.
I have applied these 3 rules to my business and to areas of my life. I have adopted these "life saving" rules - "every day"... no matter what the forecast! This philosophy has helped my clients, colleagues,and family. I stick-to this "philosophy" like I do sunscreen - it works like this: Use in all business climates - apply frequently in rain or shine and re-apply on a daily routine basis.