Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Back 2 Home Sweet Home "Detoxing"

I have been doing some research about toxins in the home. As I look under my kitchen sink to find all the angles of dirt, one picture remains the same. There is much information that focuses on toxins in our daily living routines. I have been soaking in this information like a sponge and now I am making changes to reduce the toxins in my own home. The message is now "clear" to me, I have to break free and get clean! I finally decided to take small steps and get rid of my "dirty dozen" chemicals. Last week, I blogged how I altered my laundry cleaning habits. I bought "free and clear" detergent with no sulfates....One "Dirty Dozen"! This week I took it a bit further. I tossed out hairsprays,deodorants,& shampoos. They were all in the same family of chemicals with similar backgrounds. They were all sharing a relationship with similar ingredients know like, Parabens, sulfates, PEGS...all of the chemicals that I have been having a "love affair" with for years..this was a liberating moment for me,...then ..finally...divorce! I am taking action! For the past five years, I have been cautious with my purchases... but not enough. As I was tossing and turning away from my everyday sulfates, I got to thinking...I should have done this a long time ago. But then I decided to cut myself a break with that old cliche, "Better Late, than Never." I know that I can not control all the toxins in the environment. Although, "I can" control my "choices" on what products that I purchase. Once I built momentum to come "clean" in my home can't beat freedom of ousting some needless "free radicals" one day at a time...and getting back to my "home sweet home" lifestyle!