Tuesday, June 28, 2011

EOB's Beachy Hair Spritzer! Ride The Wave!

Written For: Eye on Beauty by: Terry Ruvo - Owner
This is Eye on Beauty's #1 Natural Hair Spray recipe
What you Need:
2.0z Plastic Spray Bottle
Salt Water

Recipe: Fill a small 2 ounce plastic spray bottle with water. Combine a teaspoon of Salt ( I used Sea Salt ) into bottle. Add a pinch of your favorite conditioner (Paraben Free) to the potion. Shake Well! Spray on hair - scrunch with fingers for added texture. My potion will leave hair textured and moisturized. No need to rinse out. Want more stiffer waves, leave out conditioner and more Salt. Enjoy Beachy Wavy hair even when you are not "seaside!" Come-on "Ride the Waves with me!"

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