Friday, May 27, 2011

3 Steps 2 Success in Business

Article written by: Terry Ruvo for EYE on Beauty
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Many people ask me: Terry, how do you get people to buy your products? My response is, They are buying me, my business ethics, not my products." Let me explain. I follow three basic rules that work for all business situations.If some tells you - that they have "the secret" to getting business..well, that maybe true, however, if these 3 steps aren't followed to a certain extent - your business will be like "Botox." Gains will be beautiful & temporary, then business will fall "flat on it's face." Let's talk about the 3 rules. What they are, and how they work.
1 The customer is always "right."
2 Service with a "smile"
3 Under promise and over deliver.

Number one - Customer is always right. In business you don't have to believe the customer is make the customer "believe" they are right. Scenario: Customer calls and is upset that their item is back-ordered. As the seller, you realize your customer may walk away and go to your competitor for the product. What do you do? Do you loose your customer's interest and let them walk away, or do you appease them and keep their future business? The answer is obvious. Say this: "I am sorry for the delays,here is a 20% coupon on your next purchase." Even if your customer walks away temporarily , they will remember your offer for the future.
Rule two, service with a "smile." Easier said then done- There are many ways we "smile" in business. The pitch of our voice says a lot when you are on the phone or behind a counter. Anything you say - say it with a "smile." Use the pitch of your voice with a mild tone sing-song way. Practice with a mirror. When you greet someone with a smile on your face your voice automatically changes to a positive, friendly tone. Statics show that people buy from vendors who are positive, friendly and approachable.
Number three, Under Promise - Over Deliver
This is a hard concept. Let me explain. We are not physics so don't make a promise for the future that you can't deliver. Don't say: you will have your "face cream" by tomorrow when you know the item won't be in until next week. Instead say this: The item won't be in until next week, would you like a sample to take home with you tonight? This is called "saving face" ..your "business face". Follow these 3 rules, and you and your customers will always be "smiling!"

Article copyright: Terry Ruvo - EYE on Beauty - Owner