Saturday, February 26, 2011

White Cat Eye Look

This is the "White Cat Eye"..that RockerChic created....basically, you are using a white highlighter around the whole eye...gray is used to contour instead of black..the main focus is using white shadow as the main color..3 coats of mascara gives the "edge" of the sultry alluring traditional "cat eye" effect. There are other colors of your choice that you can put in the crease. Such as denim blue shade or a touch of purple.

click on the paragraph below and go to my MOTIVES web page to order:

The products that I used are: MOTIVES eyeliner in "ANGEL" $14.00Pressed Eyeshadow in "PEARL" $12.00 use wet/dry & "STARDUST" in crease (light gray shimmer" If you want to add some drama in the crease I suggest ""CONSTELLATION" (Indigo Blue Shimmer) or " STUDIO 54" ( purple Shimmer) Motives "BLACKOUT" Mascara