Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine's Day - RED Hot or Pretty in PINK

A lot of celebs sport the "red" lip for Valentine's day. I am not a big fan of "Red lipstick" for any occasion. Red is not kind to light skinned fair of face blonds. It is so hard to get the right shade of "red." Let me see if I can help out in the "Red Lipstick Dilemma's." Charlize Theron looks great with this shade of red. Motives lip color in "Go Red." The look is very appealing since her eyes are neutral and soft.

Another option for a "red" would be a "coral" shade. My two favorites are: "Papaya Whip," a coral shade with a bit of orange.

or "Captivating Coral," which is has more "Pink" under tones than Reds. The best part is that these lip sticks are only $14.00 Long lasting color - you will go from day - to Valentine's day night with this extended long-wearing formula. Enriched with Moisturizers and is Paraben free. To see more shades and order go to my link